The Candlewood Yacht Club (CYC) has been dedicated to sailing for over 70 years. It is located in a town called New Fairfield, in western Connecticut, U.S.A. Situated on the west side of Candlewood Lake at Chatterton Point, it faces Turtle Bay from the New Fairfield town park.



The CYC is a private family oriented club, with focuses on sailing, fellowship and member racing. A wide variety of boats are sailed and raced, including a fleet of Flying Scots for class racing, and a cruising fleet for the rest.

There are year round social activities for members and their families to enjoy......the lake, our picnics, swimming and play areas, and of course, the camaraderie of fellow sailors!

The philosophy of member involvement in the operation of the club, keeps expenses low...making the CYC one of the "best deals on the lake".


A history of the Candlewood Yacht Club

By John O'Hern


Without Lake Candlewood, there would be no Candlewood Yacht Club. Therefore I am including some of the background history with regard to the formation of this unique lake.

Up to mid-1926, the soon-to-be lake area was a typical rural New England valley with dirt roads, farms and orchards bounded by Danbury, New Milford and Sherman to the south and north.

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News & Events


Important Dates:
March 25 - General Membership Meeting. 1 - 3 pm at the Clubhouse. Install Docks after the meeting.

April 1 - Install Docks Bach Up Date

April 15 - CT Safe Boating Course

April 22 - Spring Work Party#1

April 29 - Boat Launching



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