Committee Flag

This flag is on the committee boat.  It is one point that makes up the start / finish line.




Class Flags

The race committee will show the appropriate class flag at 5 minutes before their start and lower it at the start.


Cruiser Class                                       Flying Scot Class




Prep Flag

The race committee will show this flag at 4 minutes before start and lower it 1 minute before start.  This flag is used for all classes.




Early Start

Shown if somebody is over the line early.  The offender must go back to the pre-start area.




Race Abandonment

If R/C decides for any reason to abandon a race, they will raise this flag and sound 2 blasts with the horn.  The safety boat will also ensure all participants are made aware of the abandonment.




Race Postponement

If the race committee decides to postpone a race for any reason, this flag will be raised.  Pre-start should begin approximately 1 minute after this flag is lowered.




Shortened Course

If boats will have difficulty finishing a course in time, the race committee will shorten the course by setting up a finish line at the mark ahead of the lead boat.  Then the race committee shall hoist this flag and sound two horn blasts.  Leave the RC boat on station and use the mark as the pin for the finish line.  Boats will finish as they cross between the RC boat and the mark.  The repositioned finishing mark will be taken on the port side.




Course Change:

This flag is used if the long course was assigned and that turns out to be a mistake or if the race committee wants to move the location of a mark during a race.  First, have the crash boat move the mark if needed and then set up station at the mark before the lead boat.  Then the race committee will hoist this flag and sound three horn blasts while the safety boat notifies racers as they round the mark.  The new finish line should be setup so that the boats rounding the last mark will be on the proper side to cross the finish line with the pin to port.




PFDs Required:

If the race committee raises this flag, all racers must wear a Coast Guard approved PFD.