Our racing as currently organized is a completion between individual skippers, however the classes we sail are generally not single hand, most often with skipper and one crew.  Many of us form a steady team, and the constraint that one and only one be skipper for the duration of a competition (race series) is interfering with and potentially reducing participation in the completion, as well as reducing opportunity to learn and grow in our racing skills.


This proposed change to our rules of racing is intended to address these shortcomings, without greatly changing the formats of our current competitions. 


Skipper Teams


Every reference to skipper in our current rules would be taken as “skipper or one member of a skipper team”.  A skipper team is defined as two race participants, one of which must be an active club member, who designate themselves as a team before the start of and for the duration of a completion.


Additional rules for Skipper teams


1.    When only one member of a team is present for a race, they must be skipper for the team to get race credit, and normal rules apply to any additional crew.

2.    When both team members are in a race they can trade off helm and crew roles at their discretion.  Additional crew is allowed per existing race rules.

3.    The team may not claim race credit in any race where the members race in different boats.  This allows a team to split up and crew on two boats, but neither can claim team credit for the race.

4.    An active club member must compete in a minimum of 50% of the races for a team to qualify for an award.

5.    All normal aspects of skipper participation (finishes, awards, etc) are associated with the team, and disposition of the awards is up to the team.  The club normally awards one trophy to each skipper – a skipper team may request a second trophy at their expense to the other team member.